We Are Unique

Outside of our desire to improve the quality of life for each person who enters our office; we are 2 of 200 chiropractors from around the world who use “sound wave adjusting” of the upper cervical spine. In addition, we are 1 of 20 chiropractors in the country who utilize Muscle Robotic Therapy.

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  • Atlas Orthogonal System

    The Atlas Orthogonal system is a painless and safe spinal correction which restores body balance and increases the body’s natural healing ability. Our clinic uses the Atlas Orthogonal system of health care exclusively, to care for our patients. This precision form of upper cervical spinal correction painlessly restores body balance without forceful movements or twisting of the neck or back.
  • K Laser Therapy

    Non-invasive, pain free method of treatment that increases healing time, reduces inflammation and helps patients regain their health as quickly as possible. This laser pain therapy treats arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck back and joint problems, plantar fasciitis, shoulder problems, TMJ, and headaches.
  • Lordex Lumbar Spine Program

    The Lordex Lumbar Spine Program is a system developed to restore spinal stability and relieve pain associated with herniated disc, degenerative disc disease, facet syndrome, and radiating pain.
  • Robotic Muscular Therapy

    Robotic Muscular Therapy is a revolutionary method of treating injuries, relieving aches and pains, and dramatically improving athletic performance. Unlike other therapy methods that usually focus more on relieving the discomfort associated with a muscular disorder, Meilus Muscular Therapy Method takes an engineering approach by fixing the problem.

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