How We Are Different

We Are Unique – 40 Years of Applying Innovative Technology For Pain Relief

We are 2 of only 500 doctors in the country who do “sound wave adjusting” of the upper cervical spine out of 70,000 chiropractors. You do the math, and it is like .0007%. We are also one of only 15 offices in the country who utilize Robotic Muscle Therapy, Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression, and Class IV K Laser. With this being said, the true uniqueness of what we offer is our ability to combine these valuable resources, modalities, and techniques.

We always tell our patients, “We offer you every advanced technology and every tool possible to promote healing naturally.” Our goal is to develop a protocol that is custom to you so that we are able to help you heal in a timely fashion so that each patient is back to living a fuller and quality life once again.

In addition, if you combine the “product/service” we offer with our heart attitude of “God is; first, our patients are second, and I am third,” we live with the conviction and life statement of being a servant.

We may be 21st Century in our Technology and treatment, but we are also old fashioned “in our values” of human respect and dignity.

With traditional chiropractic, it is expected that patients will need to get spinal manipulations as frequently as three times a week for up to six months! After that, it is expected that you will need maintenance “adjustments” every 2-4 weeks for the rest of your life. With Atlas Orthogonal, the goal is to get patients to HOLD their correction and not need repetitious adjustments. The average Atlas Orthogonal patient needs fewer than three corrections over the first month of treatment, and some patients will maintain their initial correction for over a year!

With traditional chiropractic, multiple segments in the spine are routinely adjusted every visit. Most manual chiropractors will give, on average, five manipulations per treatment, and with some techniques, that number is over 20! Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractors are able to do more with less. Given the fact that most of the spinal muscles are controlled and coordinated from the brainstem area, patients often obtain lasting changes throughout their entire spine after precision correction of Upper Cervical misalignments.

Traditional chiropractors decide where to adjust based on where they ‘feel’ the bones are not moving right, and take x-rays only to rule out medical disease processes. Many do not even take x-rays at all. Atlas Orthogonal specialists will take highly specific three-dimensional x-rays of the upper cervical spine complex, and measure misalignments down to the 1/100th of a degree to determine precisely how to correct the misaligned vertebra optimally.

Twisting, popping, or cracking of the spine has come to be an accepted part of chiropractic care. This reality scares off many patients, especially when it comes to manipulation of the neck. Through the use of a non-invasive percussive sound wave, Atlas Orthogonal doctors are able to deliver painless spinal corrections, without taking the joints outside their normal range of motion.