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What to Expect

  • First Visit
    First Visit One of the most common things we hear at the Sandoz Chiropractic is about how warm and inviting the clinic is. We help our patients feel at home and go out of our way to avoid the cold and hostile feel that is so common in health care offices. We suggest that you also check the FAQ page for answers to some common questions. Please come 15 minutes early to your first scheduled appointment to fill out the required paperwork or go here and fill out your paperwork ahead of time. If you have any insurance information or past medical records (medications taken, copies of X-rays or MRIs, etc.), please bring those with you as well so the doctor and our insurance department can have a chance to look them over. When you arrive at our office on the first visit, we will walk you through your health insurance coverage and answer any questions you may have. New Patients Please read before your first visit. We ask that you, please view this video explaining what Advanced Orthogonal is and how the treatment process works Patient Consultation Based on the information gathered in the consultation, you may choose to receive a comprehensive physical examination. Orthopedic, neurological, and chiropractic examination procedures will be used to determine whether or not you are a candidate for treatment at Sandoz Chiropractic. If it is found that there is a chiropractic cause to your condition, highly specific x-rays will be taken to determine the exact magnitude of any structural abnormalities. Taking precise Digital X-Rays Be assured that radiological exams are performed only when clinically necessary to ensure proper patient care. The pictures of your spine are taken using our digital high-frequency x-ray unit, which requires drastically less radiation exposure compared to traditional x-ray machines. Analyzing Digital X-Rays The films will then be analyzed by the doctor, who will perform various measurements. These measurements will take into account the individual’s degree of misalignment of the vertebra, as well as any unique genetic variation in the upper cervical region. This personalized measurement allows the doctor to effectively realign the entire spinal column. Sound Wave Treatment After analyzing your x-rays, the doctor will use the Atlas Orthogonal procedure for your correction. You will spend the next 5-10 minutes resting to allow the body to adapt to its new position. The doctor will then take post-adjustment x-rays to determine exactly how your body responded to the correction. This is typically done only after the initial adjustment and helps the doctors know if any “fine-tuning” of your correction will need to take place in the future. This will be the end of your first visit, and you will set up a follow-up visit within 48 hours of your initial appointment, as well as set up two more close together. Your initial four visits here are crucial in assessing a treatment plan that will best fit your needs. Timeframe Please allow up to 90 minutes for this first visit.
  • Second Visit
    When you return on the second visit, the doctor will take adequate time to explain all of your examination and x-ray findings to you in the “Report of Findings.” After the doctor’s review, one of our highly trained staff will go over any other office policies and procedures that were not covered at the first visit. Timeframe Please allow up to 60 minutes for this 2nd appointment.
  • Subsequent Visits
    At Sandoz Chiropractic, we will closely monitor your body’s ability to maintain spinal alignment over your first month of care. Keep in mind that these appointments aren’t necessarily to ‘adjust’ you, but rather to monitor how well your correction is holding in place. One of the major differences here at Sandoz Chiropractic is that you will only receive a correction if it is found that your body has slipped out of proper alignment. Our goal is to get your body stable enough to dramatically decrease your visit frequency, eventually reaching the point of only needing a few “spinal check-ups” per year. Timeframe Aside from the first two visits, most appointments at Sandoz Chiropractic will be 30-45 minutes or less depending on additional therapies needed.
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